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Occupational safety, product protection, environmental protection

Leave creating the right
atmosphere to us

Wherever sensitive, highly potent – including toxic – substances are processed, reliable occupational, product and environmental protection are vital. Which makes the engineering and production expertise of ART GmbH crucial too. Our customized plants and equipment are the culmination of decades of experience, exceptional innovative drive, and a profound knowledge of process and mechanical engineering.

Our expertise will not only help protect the health and safety of employees, a growing concern particularly in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Machines and plants efficiently contained using our systems are also reliably protected against contamination, the atmosphere is guaranteed to comply with the required freedom from particles and product losses are prevented.

Renowned and discerning customers the world over rely on ART's effective, customized clean room and containment solutions, which are produced at our company headquarters near Stuttgart in Southwest Germany.

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Our workflow

Smooth and efficient

Customised, investment-proof system concepts call for in-depth knowledge and comprehensive services. From consultation, development and design through to production and assembly and finally, timely delivery, our well-balanced and highly-qualified team at ART and our modern metalworking facility, which has a stake in the company, ensure that processes are quick and efficient with a smooth workflow:

Digital draft
Approval and fine tuning
Production and assembly
Quality check

01. Consultation

What are the objectives? What are the production conditions? What level of consistency are we talking about? We clarify these and any other relevant questions with our customers during an in-depth consultation session at the start of the project. This helps us to identify the right solution, right from the start.

02. Digital draft

We focus on customer benefits, user friendliness and efficiency throughout the entire workflow, including for the digital draft: Our specialists use 3D CAD to transform specific customer concepts into digital engineering drafts.

03. Approval and fine tuning

We work together with our customers as partners and build a trust-based relationship. Our customers can get involved at any stage of the workflow and shape the project process. Once the drafts are approved, it is time for fine tuning and further development.

04. Mock-ups

Our meaningful, full-scale mock-up models are essential for carrying out ergonomics studies: We simulate the later on-site conditions that will be present at our customers’ premises. The results enable us to carry out a valuable, precise design review which we use to update the drawings.

05. Production and assembly

Once the development and design phase is complete, production and assembly begins at our own metalworking facilities. Thanks to our versatile, modern machinery, we take care of the entire manufacturing process, right here.

06. Quality check

Every single system undergoes extensive quality and function tests before it leaves our factory. In addition to factory acceptance tests, which check product safety and reliability, ART’s range of services also includes type testing in accordance with ISO 14644-7 and the TÜV product certification.

07. Commissioning

Once our experts have set up the system, which is designed specially for the task at hand, and started a SAT, it is put into operation at the customer’s premises. And all with an eye on user-friendliness, maximum cost/benefit efficiency and typical ART quality.

OEB level 5

Maximum quality
for the most stringent demands

Exacting fields, such as the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, have ever increasing expectations in regard to containment. Top quality and the highest safety classes are required – and isolators from ART satisfy both of these criteria. We guarantee a class 5 OEL/OEB value, for clean work. We weld the built-in pipelines ourselves and carry out extensive tests and inspections to ensure high quality. Thanks to our meticulous documentation and certifications, our customers benefit from the high quality that ART has become known for internationally.

Quality aspects

Quick, efficient production processes

The metalworking company, which has a stake in ART, is located in the same building, which means direct contact and ongoing communication about the production status and priorities.

Customer focus

Our products are tailored to suit each customer’s exact requirements. Every system is unique and is individually manufactured for the customer. Customers can test the individual process flows through a mock-up created prior to production.

Outstanding workmanship

The carefully-considered configuration of stainless steel and glass ensures excellent ergonomics and makes the systems easy to clean.

Quality management system

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 to ensure a consistently high level of product quality.

Quality control

100% incoming goods inspection, which includes X-ray fluorescence analysis for qualitatively and quantitatively determining the elementary composition of a sample. Plus weld seam documentation and inspection of orbitally-welded joints using an endoscope.

Continuous improvement

We hold regular, cross-department meetings to identify room for improvement on an ongoing basis and to take sustainable steps in this regard.


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