In many industries an exemplary high manufacturing and process quality indispensable. Just like exactly defined and strictly controlled environmental conditions during production - the thanks to our individual clean room and Containment technologies achieved And so we get orders from And so we receive orders from renowned customers from various industries, extremely demanding industries.


In the pharmaceutical sector, the environmental conditions play an important role. an important role. And thus also the sophisticated clean room and containment systems Brand ART: Our competence is in product development in research facilities, in the production of pharmaceutical products and tissue engineering. - work with and on human cells - asked.

Medical technology

As in the pharmaceutical industry, there are also of medical technology Clean room conditions in necessary in many cases. Therefore our technology, for example in the application of antibiotics on bone nails. The coating ensures that there is no risk of infection. can be minimized or excluded.


Reliable personal, product and environmental protection is used in the chemical industry indispensable. Loading and unloading process boilers or reactor vessels is carried out in our insulators: Opposite the working area they are hermetically sealed. Thus, the active ingredient is not contaminated and the employees are protected just as securely like the environment.

Food products

Perishable foods such as vegetables, Meat or fish can be served under refrigerated Extremely gentle conditions in the clean room processing and packaging. Thus a high Freshness and shelf life achieved - inert gas, preservatives, or an Ultra-high heating is superfluous. Our product portfolio also includes LF superstructures of milk filling machines or yogurt processing.


Any computer, vehicle or smartphone needs microelectronics - highly complex electronic systems. The innovative ART products are used in the production of micromechanical sensors are used: The Clean room conditions protect the microprocessors of wafers from contamination. Also in the production of sensors for photovoltaic cells are trusted by renowned companies on our expertise.

NBC protection

In order to avoid NBC pollutants during a field operation in the ground or in the air, mobile sample laboratories are used. Equipped with the technology of ART, they can contaminated samples directly in front of the and thus to be able to analyze the location as quickly as possible. derive measures.